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CPU Mining with Yespower

The Yespower algorithm allows you to mine with your CPU , right from within the wallet or by using our miner. Yespower is designed to be unfriendly for graphics cards, FPGAs and ASICs. It’s also designed to make core count more important than core performance, harkening back to Satoshi’s “one core, one vote” ideal.

Hive mining

Hive mining technology, developed by the Litecoin Cash team, now meets a worldwide audience. Hive mining brings an additional and extremely energy-efficient mining dimension to the blockchain.

On-chain agents (bees) are created, who mine on your behalf, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. Anything from a Raspberry Pi to your desktop PC.

Become a bee keeper and earn coins while securing the blockchain !


Lightning Cash wallet

Desktop core wallet

Core v9.4.0

Mobile wallet

Latest version v1.6.3

Desktop core wallet

LightningCash Core wallet form the backbone of the Lightning Cash network. They download and store the full blockchain locally.
This release includes everything you need for CPU mining and Hive mining.

Version for Windows 32, Windows 64, Linux 64 and Os X

Android wallet

The goal of this project is to build the best free, libre, and open source light wallet for Lightning Cash on Android. Security and usability are, of course, the priorities. For this reason, your private keys never leave the device. Luckily, this wallet is compliant with BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44. A single 24-word mnemonic phrase may be used to recover each and every one of your coins.

AtomicDex Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Latest version 0.5.7-beta

Mobile Wallet

Latest version v0.5.4

AtomicDEX is a multi-coin wallet, bridge, and DEX rolled into one app. Manage your crypto without limitations. AtomicDEX support trading for 99% of cryptocurrencies. Trade crypto P2P without intermediaries.

Version for Windows, Linux, Os X, IOS and Android


cpuminer-RKZ v4.2b for Lightning Cash

CPU miner-RKZ is a multi-threaded, highly optimized CPU miner for Lightning Cash.

Don’t forget to change the address.

For optimal performance, the number of threads should be equal to the number of PHYSICAL cores your CPU got. ( -t option )

Version for windows 64 and Linux 64