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Thank You

The Lightning Cash project receives a great deal of support from its community of users and we would like to thank each and every contributor for participating. We are growing fast and our blockchain is getting better every day thanks to you.

Thanks to revenue from your donations, the Lightning Cash project can afford to buy dedicated electrumX servers, advertising campaigns and to provide an income for the development team.

You can donate anonymously to Lightning Cash using crypto-currencies.







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Support and promotion

You can help by being part of the community and helping other users.

Lightning Cash isn’t only a blockchain, it’s also a dynamic community of people who enjoy, gather and interact with a free and open source project. Make Lightning Cash better by welcoming people, participating in community-driven project or simply by meeting and talking to other Lightning Cash users.

If you have spare time and you’re willing to help other user with technical problems, you should seriously considerjoining our Discord and helping other Lightning Cash users solve the problems you know how to fix.

Project contributions

You can help by helping with bugs and development. If you notice something that doesn’t work properly, troubleshoot it and if you find a bug let us know.