Beginners’ guide for mining LNC:

1.Download AtomicDEX:

2. Run AtomicDEX, write down seed keys.

3. Add asset LNC.

4. Click LNC asset and click Receive.

5. Copy LNC wallet address for later use.

6. Download LNC’s miner:

7. Extract the miner files from the zip.

8. Open command prompt. (Can type cmd on Windows search.)

9. Navigate, in command prompt, to the directory where miner files were extracted.

10. Flip over to a browser and go to

11. In the ‘Generate stratum command’ section, click coin and select LNC.

12. Paste your LNC wallet address from AtomicDEX into the ‘Your Wallet’ field.

13. Click ‘Create String’.

14. Copy the code it generates. Should look something like: -a yespowerLTNCG -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_adresse -p c=LNC

15. Flip to command prompt and paste the code there, but first add ‘cpuminer.exe’ to the front of the string.

16. Press enter.

17. Miner should be running now. Check your progress by going to and click on ‘Wallet’.

18. Congrats, you’re mining LNC now! Payouts from coinx pool are every 3 hours!